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Enviroboards Fire-Board is a high quality cheaper alternative to Supalux, Masterboard Glasroc and many other fire resistant sheets.

Tested to both British and European standards for up to 2 HOURS FIRE RESISTANCE.
See our Data Sheet for the full suite of test results. Enviroboards Fire-Board and Uni-Board provide an inherently strong and versatile building solution for both internal and external application.

Enviroboards are also now category 1 rated for racking.

Applications include:

Fire-Board Uni-Board
Partition Walls & Ceilings Wet Room Backing Board
Timber & Steel Stud Soffits
Roofs Structural Integrity
Oil Tank Surround Acoustic performance
Timber Clad Flood damage repair
Boundary Walls Conservatory re-roof
  • Plaster board replacement in areas prone to water ingress
  • Replacement of multi layer build eg. ply and plaster board
  • Boards can be painted directly/finished with plaster/render

We are identifying new applications on a daily basis for our strong and versatile boards, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss new ways to use our products.

Fire-Board 6mm
30 mins fire resistance
£24.00 per sheet
Fire-Board & Uni-Board 9mm
Fire-Board 60 mins fire resistance
£28.50 per sheet
Fire-Board & Uni-Board 12mm
Fire-Board up to 2hrs fire resistance

1220 x 2440 sheets. Price excludes VAT & delivery
£37.50 per sheet

Technical: 08455 208880 - info@enviroboards.co.uk
Sales: 01264 730323

Delivery Nationwide within three working days

External / 'Wet' Applications

Enviroboards Fire-Board and Uni-Board are tested as water impermeable and resistant to the effects of moisture, mildew, solvents, bleach, acids, alkalis, decay and rodents. Fire-Board and Uni-Board are both suitable for use in damp and humid environments.

Fire-Board is suitable for exterior applications such as exterior cladding of building for fire regulations, oil tank surrounds, timber frame, garages and sheds.

Uni-Board is ideal for soffits, fascias, cladding, wet room / tile backing board, render board and application where traditionally marine ply would be used.

Environmental Credentials

Enviroboards Fire-Board and Uni-Board are constructed using magnesium oxide reinforced with fibreglass mesh. 

Unlike many sheet building products, Enviroboards Fire-Board and Uni-Board are dried naturally resulting in a production process that produces negligible CO2 emissions.

Enviroboards products contain no harmful substances and are classified as ‘a non-dangerous substance’.  Please refer to our Material and Chemical Safety Data Sheet for further information. 

Enviroboards Fire-Board and Uni-Board can be disposed of in landfill.  There is no special requirement for disposal of our products.

We are proud to have supplied

Eon Energy, St Mary’s Hospital London, Scottish & Southern Electric,
The Norfolk Fire Service , York University, Brentwood Railway Station, Jamie’s Italian Restaurants and Bletchley Park